Its Another Day Out!

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Heh, i went to Sentosa yesterday..
Kovan > Plaza Sing > Harbourfront > Sentosa > Mouth Imbiah > Sentosa 4D Magix > Home

I went to a Clinic at Kovan.. Th doctor STRONGLY discourage me to do nose piercing. ): She says that there were a few cases where th patient’s nose went flat. :O She says that th tissues in our nose is different from our ears… Many of her patients come to her and asked if she can help them mend th hole.. She says that it will also be difficult to get a job with a hole in your nose.. But i dont care that one, im just afraid of a flat nose! HOW ): She doesnt perform nose piercing for others.. Sobz.. Means i have to go to those X-Craft etc. shop?! :/

We went Mouth Imbiah, and its really OPEN!!!! You can see squirrels etc. jumping around!!!!

What’s Sentosa 4D Magix :
Sentosa 4D Magix presents an interactive movie experience with 4-dimensional digital effects.  This multi-million Sentosa 4D Magix Theatre is the first in Southeast Asia.  Using a state-of-the-art digital projection system, movies come to life right off the big screen. Have a seat and feel a whole new generation in movie magic!  Equipped with in-built speakers as well as environmental effects like water features, seat vibration, leg ticklers and base shakers to give you THE ultimate difference.

Be tossed about in your seats. Feel the wind blowing in your face and the water rushing your way.  Let the synchronization of this wide spectrum of special visual, sound, motion and environmental effects put you right in the middle of the action!

P.S: We queued for about 1.5 hrs for this 20 mins show!!!!


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