Although its past midnight, but i shall blog on th account of 29.12.10 (Wednesday). So fast, holidays are ending, Uts are coming. I haven start -.- Totally gg. Dont know what am i going to do. Okay skip this for now.

Received news today that i have to go RP to do some Marketing project at 9am -.- Zzzzzzz. Cant believe it. Its a holiday and i am waking up at 6am, preparing and travelling that long journey ): Really feel like killing myself. Zzzzzzz. HATE THIS!!!!

Chinatown > Clark Quay > Nex > Bishan > Home. Whoo, my day like exciting right! One day, i will finish travelling all around Singapore! Yoopooo. We went to watch Meet th parents: Little Fockers. Quite nice! Ratings: 4/5!

Heh, i love my boyfriend ALOT!!!!!


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