Yes, today i went to school.. With just th attendance of 3/5 members -.- dots.. one of thm got work, so bobian.. another one.. -.- and one of my team member caught her using facebook to comment on people’s status and she stays just at Woodlands!!! Zzzz. I really dont like siah. Because she is th one who say meet morning since she have to leave at 12pm… whats this.. okay nevermind, at least th rest of us managed to complete half of it. We wanted to continue this Saturday.. but… another problem came. She suggest to continue after school… hais. Means, lesser time to chiong for UT? Hais.. why like that!

After that, we went to Causeway Cold Storage to take picture of th Brands product… HanWei also offered to treat me eat OCK. Heh, thanks kay! ^^ He really very good siah, really ‘like’ him. BEST CLASSMATE in W46R LOL.

After that my boyfriend come find me and we head to Marymount for some Tiramisu ice cream… Emmmm, yummy! Why no green tea ice cream? Anyone can bring me eat green tea ice cream???? I WANTTTT ): PLEASEEEEEEEE, pretty pretty please? handsome handsome please? )):



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