31.12.10 ~ 01.01.11

Happy New Year everyone! ^^
It doesnt feel like a new year for me though. I remember sitting at home during 31.12.09, preparing to mass send msg whn its 12am. LOLLOL! This is how fast time flies..

31.12.10 was a busy day for me!  Firstly, we (AiLin, HanWei, JieWi) went to Alan’s house to study Cognitive before touring around his house.. His house’s toilet SUPER nice!!!! LOL.

And while we were waiting for th rest to reach Eunos before heading to Alan’s hse, HanWei told me smth very sad.. He told me his sem 1 classmate (female) have commited suicide at Eunos. This girl commited suicide because of relationship problems with th boyf. who is also from th same class. And she have commited suicide near th staircase area of his house. omgg….. she hung herself, and her body was found by a passer-by. Omg.. this was scary..

After that we left around 2 plus but i didnt join them for lunch, instead I went to Orchard to meet boyf.
We walked around Orchard area and I got 2 belts frm Far East, ^^. After that, we headed to Plaza Sing. We caught Th Ghost Must Be Crazy at 10pm. Fortunately, we managed to rushed down to City Hall after th movie to catch th fireworks! ^^ First time i experience countdown outside, every single year i coop at home. LOL! And WeiJin say she book me for countdown for next year. HAHHAHA, one year in advance.

Th last time i cut my hair was last year.
Th last time i bath was last year.
Th last time i went out was last year.
Th last time i see my friends was last year.
Th last time i watch a movie was last year.
Th last time i had a meal was last year.

I miss you. ):


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