happenings for today..

emmm, today pon school. hahahahhaha, first time leyyy. feel so shiok. sleep extra a few hours. wake up sky not dark one, bright de.. set my alarm at 9am, supposed to study for new media, but i watch yu le bai fen bai~

today communication need wear formal.. and th 3 reasons why i pon school is because:
1. need wear formal
2. haven study for ut
3. last week comms lesson i partial, dk anything. (th 2 lesson link de..)

heehee, with th first time, i think sure have 2nd time. LOL! feel like pon cognitive lesson one day. but today got ut, so still need go back school. =.=

otw to circle line, someone tapped me, and it was cher see~ so qiao.. since collection of results never see each other, suddenly this 2 weeks see each other twice..

On circle line saw this guy, everytime morning take same train de.. he also pon school and go school for ut? HAHAHA..

Reached school at 3.30. took a lift from B1 and 3 of my classmates took th same lift frm level 1. HAHAH.. went to class and there was 5 of us.. have one more girl also never come for lesson.. she like consecutive 4 day never come school. =.= after awhile, everyone come in and hi five with me. LOL!

Thn th faci came and said ‘hi velda, are you okay? you dont look not okay to me? HAHA’  ‘you should have come, we expected to see you in formal. i think you will look nice it in, im serious. ‘ faci treat th class eat pizza too~

Th UT sucks. ); it was actually easy but i went to study on codings. ); my faci say high chance alot of css codes etc. yet not a single one come out. ); sad ttm lahhhh

After UT, went to W2 wanted to watch a zombie movie since th faci said he booked th theater for th whole day already.. but we had some problems projecting th movie.. after awhile at 6pm, a guy came and told us time up.. no movie for today~

J.T compliment me today HAHA. Clement told me not to be so fierce.. thn JT reply saying that my eyes very attractive.. even whn im fierce… HAHAHAH. thn clement walk towards me and say’ be careful, this may be a hint, but you go Chelsea already.. jkjk’…  dotssssss =.=

okay i shall end here. so tired. maybe i shd sleep soon..


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