A Day After Valentine’s Day (15.02.11)

Heh, yes i was late for th Maths UT by 10 minutes. Th moment i step in th class, everyone was busy doing their paper and gave me a glance. BUT I STEP COOL EVENTHOUGH IM PERSPIRING! ):

Went to Boyf. hse and Bishan after that. (; Boyf. falling sick!!!!! >-; GET WELL SOON KAY! Drink more water, love you. (;


Valentine’s Day (14.02.11)

Heh, our first Valentine’s Day tgt. ♥
Raffles City > Suntec City> Marina Square after Cognitive UT.
And we caught 4 catchapon at Suntec City. CARTOON BANDS! My first aim was Hello Kitty, but never tio ); Have th feel to collect all 20 ey~
Ps: I step cool in a unknown class for Congitive Ut. Heh :P

I dont need Valentine’s Day, because with you, everyday is just like Valentine’s Day. From th day we’re tgt, i no longer need any gift, because youre my best gift. ♥


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