Another Day Out.

Headed down to Suntec City to get more cartoon bands! Got back one similar one. BOOOOO! And we tried this nice looking food (picture attached below). But somehow, it doesnt taste as nice. We tried 1 (Cookies and Cream) and threw away th other two (Green tea and Chocolate) cause it melted! No wonder they say dont judge a book by its cover! It looks nice but doesnt taste nice! Its just a layer of skin with ice cream inside. );  After that, headed down to Clementi as i have to be at my cousin’s hse (Redhill) at 7pm. Th food at Clementi like alot lehhhhh. Never go there before, maybe one day should go there again ^^ Boyf. lost his band somewhere in th train or smth, and LUCKILY its th same character as th one we got extra. Ji heng siah. Whoooo. Fated. Boyf. accompanied me back to Redhilll. Heeeee, loves (:


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