Im So Bored At Home. :O

Staying at home today. Bored ttm. ); I guess i need to make lots of plans for this holiday, so i wouldnt be this bored! ); Heh. Sometimes, whn im at home, i feel like going out. Sometimes, whn i have plans for that day, im lazy to leave th hse. ); HAHAHHA SICKO.

My throat is killing me!!! Need some serious help. ); 2nd month with boyfriend tmr, and Sakae with Yijie and Weijin on Friday. Whoohooo! Shiok. Love you people. (; Guess i need to have a meetup session with Pricia too! Time for some girls gossip. ^^

And for those who smoke, you shdnt throw your cigarette butts all arnd:


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