2 days update.

Meet boyf. at Buona Vista and headed down to Holland Village for Wendy’s. No shopping area at Holland Village??!?! ); AFter that, bus-ed down to Bugis. Went Sim Lim to find his MOSHI. == HAHHAHA. He recently want branded. LOL! Shampoo also want branded. LOL! Why he crazy? After that.. smth hilarious happened!!!!!

We tap in at Bugis Stn and sat there for about 40 minutes deciding where to go. Thn we were panicking because we are afraid we might overstay! So we decided to train down 1 stop to Lavendar, and look at th poster regarding th overstay schedule. So… 1-4 stns is 40 mins, 5-9 is 60 mins and 10-15 is 75 mins and so on.. We have already missed th 40 mins one. So we had to head to at least 5 stns away frm Bugis. We still couldnt decide where to gooooo. Looking at th stns towards Pasir Ris and Joo Koon really makes me feel like puking. == We wanted to chiong to any stn to avoid th overstay since we dk where to go either. We decided to take th train towards Pasir Ris, when th train came, it was too crowded. And we missed it. That goes our glimpse of hope!!!! We were counting th timing of each stn against th overstay limit HAHAHHA. Yes, we were literally at Lavendar Stn doing this. We were like walking here and there deciding where to go and counting the time we left. HAHHAHAA. Damn funny. So we decided to give up. We headed down to Paya Lebar instead. Thinking that we already overstay. We wanted to just approach th Passenger Service and tell them to charge us for overstay. But we decided to just give it a tap.. EHHHHHH? WE DIDNT OVERSTAY SIAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Super shocking. Paya Lebar is like only 4 stn away frm Bugis, and we definitely exceeded th 40 mins time limit. How weird.

So… we decided to have dinner. Walked towards Lucky Plaza and headed towards Geylang. We walked all th way frm Lorong 41 to th end, and back to Lorong 41. SUPER MANY TEEKOOOOS. Like all th way one. This place sucks lah. Seriously. But  lastly, decided to have our dinner at Bedok. HAHAHAHAH. Damn crazy right! I know.. We had a total of 18 fishballs for dinner?!?!??!?! Yes. Idk what happen to us but we’re super crazy! HAHAHAH. Headed to Sheng Shiong afterwards and got my Chocolate Vitasoy! WHOOOOO. Top fav. drink in th list. ^^ Yummylicious. Headed to one of th HDB block near my hse to slack before heading home. Whoo, fun day!


Met boyf. at Bishan. Went to buy his stuffs and headed to Sembawang.  Rented 4 DVDs. HAHAHHA, shiok. Went over to his house and finished 2 (Kidnapper and Tong Yan). Kidnapper was pretty sad!!!! Tong Yan not bad, but not very scary. Both shows are worth th watch. But out of this two, i prefer Kidnapper. ^^ Okay end of th post.
Joke of th day: He LIU KOU SUI when drinking Apple Tea. (Fake one, its th Apple tea drip) LOL


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