Went over to boyf. house for th remaining 2 DVDs we rented (Zuo Ren and Th Time Traveler’s Wife). We watched Zuo Ren first; not bad i think. Th Time Traveler’s Wife; not too sure, kind of sad, but i fell asleep a few times. ;x. Went over to Bedok for dinner. Today is th last day im gonna see him until next Monday as i will be going to Genting on Friday and im not meeting him tmr. Sad TTFM (To Th Freaking Max). What a sad day. ); I teared before sending him off because i miss him so much ); WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Really dont want to go Genting. ); Whats more sad…. Told him to text me whn he reached home, but i fell asleep while waiting for his text. And his text was covered by WeiJin’s spams! LOL! And he was supposed to call me.. But whn im up, he is already asleep. And here i am at 3:53 blogging.. I miss youuuuuu. I think im crazy. LOL! Its like im on drugs, and im getting addicted. No, im already addicted.  == Sighss. What shd i do now? I cant sleep );


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