Trained down to Tamp. this morning, wanted to try th photo booth machine that prints photo of different sizes instantly! Sadly, th machine is spoiled! == Damnnnnn, wasted trip. ); So trained down to Semb. and went to th photo shop there. Well, luckily they have th photo booth machine. YAY ^^ Went to bby’s house. We watched Last Destination. (Edit: Im sorry but bby corrected me that th show is Final Destination. FAIL ==) And actually, we both watched it before. But anything watch with him, also nice, worth to rewatch too! (; Slacked and went to have dinner at Macpherson. :o

We were talking about zombies and i told him i would throw him towards them whn th zombie are about to attack us. But i told him sure very fast eat finish one, since he not much flesh. HAHAHHA. I say i run a little distance, turn back, he tio eaten up liao, and they will come chasing for me. HAHAHAHHA. VERY FAST ONE. And he told me in return, he shall throw me to them and he can slowly WALK away since they will take a long time to finish me up! ): WHAT A BOYF. lah this one. D: HAHAHHAHAHA, jokes. <3


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