And i always thought i tried my best already.

Mum wasnt free to go shopping with me. So i asked WeiJin to accompany me. She damn steady one, super like. Eventhough its super last minute. Went to Far East > Bugis. Total bought 3 belts, 2 bags, 2 tops, 2 owl necklaces and a pair of flops (COUPLE SLIPPER WITH WEIJIN). We tried th Grass Jelly Milk Tea at ‘I Love Taimei’ as well. And well, th overated KOI taste better.

Totally broke ttm. Eventhough i shouldnt be spending so much because im totally broke, but somehow i just did. But apparently, i should be happy after buying so many things, but im not. Fail. ==

Some items that i bought:

(Th one at th very back)

Couple Slipper With WeiJin!~

And some funny incidents happen today.. but i have no mood to post. Update another time.


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