Heh, met boyf. at Nicoll Highway for lunch, at Astons! Yummy. My first visit at Astons! (;

After that we went to th Food Fair at Suntec. Bought Green Tea Ice Cream. HAHAHA! Btw, saw Mr Wilma and Miss Loo at th overhead bridge of Suntec. Thn headed down to Marina Square for some KBox. Train down to Bedok for some Bedok foods! Drink ‘Drink Tea’ afterwards. They opened their first branch (Singapore) at Bedok! How cool is that!!!! Their pearls very special one, its pink in color and its super chewy! Other than that, their drink is just so so. We tried Caramel Milk Tea and it… SUCKS! ); It was still under th highly recommended. ): What siah.


We bought VitaMilk home tooooooo. YAY.  Bought th chocolate one for my bro! (;



Heh, super love my bf. He intro me alot of things one. Songs, food, places etc etc. LOVE HIM TTM! <3

P.s: My boyf. say i disturb my bro. );


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