Time For Some Good Food. YUMMY~

HEH, I finally meet my boyf. after 1 day. LOL!!! We went Bishan and had Sakae Sushi AGAIN! Why he pig? Forever egg mayo. ); LOL! After that headed down to Bedok. Wanted to have some KBox, but its fully booked. D: Although i dont sing, yah. But i want hear my bby sing! ); Bought some card games and bubble ballons!! Headed down to my hse area and had some fun~ Hate th rain though. Gives me headache. ); My bf very very cute, heh. Love him ttm kayyyyy. <3

Bubble Balloon~

Bubble Balloon That BF Blow~

Headed to a Chinese rest. for dinner to celebrate my Dad’s Birthday! Whoo~ Happy birthday dad! He very cute siah, later show you all a pic of him acting cute!!! HAHAHHA, 53 years old liao still so cute. <3 you dad! After dinner, headed down to cousin’s house for some cake. We had 2 cakes!!! One is a complimentary cake from Marina Bay Sands, th other bought by my aunt. Tmr morning he’s going to a computer class with my aunt. HAHAHAHHA, damn cute + funny.

Alright, shall let th pictures do th talking:

Shark Fin Soup~

Suckling Pig~ (LOOK LIKE MY BF! OOPS :x)

Scallop, Egg White With Prawns~

Fish With Vegetables~

Fish In Claypot~


Prawns With Vermicelli~

Fried Ice Cream~ (HEART SHAPE LEH! ^^ )

Cousin And Me~

Family Photo~ (Without Coussy)

Cake From MBS~

Cake From Aunt~

Dad blowing cake; so cute~



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