HAHAHHA, what got into your mind whn you read my blog post title?!??! Am i gonna stop Japanese food cause of th radiation thing? HAHHA, totally not! Im going to stop for th time being because i ate too much of it recently! Kind of sick of th taste now!!!! My bf keep egg mayo!!! And i just ate lots of sashimi today. ); If my bf egg mayo again tmr, im gonna slap him!!!!! Alright, thats all for th title part.

Did nothing much today. Went to th supermarket at Parkway with my mum. Headed down to cousin’s house for dinner. As mentioned above, yes i had sashimi. Okay gonna meet my bf tmr, cant wait.

PS: OHNO… MY BF IS TELLING ME HE IS CONSIDERING SUSHI FOR BREAKFAST TMR!!! AHHHHH, gotta disappoint him if he sees this post. Sorry bby, i cant have sushi with you for quite some time till i ‘recover’! ); *BUT I DONT MIND WATCHING YOU EAT!!! * Love ya.


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