Time For Some USS! ♥♥♥ [Ribena Day]

Hey, so we planned to go USS today! Met bby in th morn at Serangoon and headed to Harbourfront. Anw, bby helped me to dl a Lomo Camera app and i took a picture of th Policemen at Harbourfront. Shall upload it to show you guys th Lomo effect. Cool much. (;

Pretty Cool Huh!

We had our breakfast cum lunch at Food Republic (: Fishball Noodle with Ribena!)

Fishball Noodles~


So we went to Sentosa by th Sentosa Boardwalk. Know whats that? Its a newly open link way located outside Vivo City to Sentosa! And you just got to pay 1 buck! Instead of taking th tram which is quite boring! Try it people! {: Alright so wondering how it look like?! I shall upload some pictures of it for you guys! (;

Alright, so we headed to get our tickets to USS!!! Yay. Excited much.

Well, it rained for awhile while we were there. Quite spoiler. ); We didnt managed to try all th rides as well. ); But well, we did enjoy ourselves. (;

After that, we headed to Canylicious and Candy Empire for some chocolates!!! Bby bought me this strawberry ice cream chocolate. Heh, its so nice! Love anything that he gives me. ^^ We decided to head to Nex for dinner. I had Fried Hookien Noodle while bby had his Prawn Noodle! I have took pictures before and after Lomo of th two dishes!! ^^

Strawberry Ice Cream Chocolate

Fried Hokkien Noodle BEFORE LOMO

Fried Hokkien Noodle AFTER LOMO

Prawn Noodle BEFORE LOMO

Prawn Noodle AFTER LOMO

Alright done with all th photos. Wonder why my Title states ‘Ribena Day’? Cause.. we had Ribena at Harbourfront at Food Republic isnt it. We had another 2 bottles of Ribena whn we were at USS!!! HAHAHA, what Ribena addicts!

Thanks for th day bby! [:


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