Finally bby went school after so long!!! After school walked to CWP with bby and Royston. Bby and I headed down to Khatib Mac. Bby ordered the Spicy Nuggets with Shaker Fries since everyone is talking about it! But we both still prefer the Honkeycomb or smth one!!!! Actually hor, I think nothing special.. The Spicy nuggets is just normal nugget but spicy de.. The seaweed shaker fries also like nth much. Why so many tweeting and talking about it in FB etc!!!! HAHAHA, that’s kind of cute. LOL!!! Headed to Marymount and slacked. Headed to Ice Kimo for some Ice Cream feast!!! Ahhhh, 2 of us had 3 scoops of Horlicks Ice Cream! You may think its not much, but you come try. Wahhhh, big siah the scoop. *PUKES* Next time I want try other flavor. Macha, The Tarik and Milo and maybe Bandung. O.O They have so many cool flavors there!!! Bby say he always eat Horlick Ice Cream whenever he go Ice Kimo, but… I LOVE BBY MORE THAN HE LOVE HORLICK ICE CREAAM! ^^ Home after that~

Anw people, I have a super good news!!! Yesterday, remember I said I partial?? Omg, Idk the faci is blur or what. He didn’t changed my attendance to partial, it is still present!!! And the daily grade came out, I got a B!!! Wahhhhh. Really blur siah this faci~


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