Heehee, meet bby at AMK in th noon. We walk around see what to eat.. Sat down wanted to have western, but left. LOL!!! Walk one round, go another place for western. AHAHAHHA!!! After that, bought Passion Ai Yu!! Whooo. Bus down to AMK Ave 10 to cut and dye our hair!!! Bby suffer for one hour, sobbbbs. Th person help bby put th dye liao, i still cutting hair.. Bby whole head filled with dye liao thn i just started putting th dye.. But…. i wash my hair first!!!! When th person blowing dry my hair thn bby go wash~ WHOAAAA, cha da liao his hair, HAHAHHA. Why th person put so long. :O And hor.. my fringe SUCK. ): Bby say i look like a stupid idiot!!! >.~ Hais.. LOL!!! But who cares. LOL!!! I KNOW HE LIKE. LOL!!! Cab to bby house after that, slacked and went home.. Whooo~






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