Staying Home Aint That Bad Afterall.

Hey guys. It has been quite some time since i last blog. And normally whn i do, i just blog what have i done for that day huh~ Ohwell. My life was tiring during th weekends! So.. last Friday after school, had lunch with Royston and bf and headed home. So Saturday, i slept my way through~ But ohwell. Take it as a rest. I wish everyday of my weekdays would be like this. I rather be so bored than to go school. ); So as for Sunday.. I went out with my mum! We went Popular and i got myself quite many markers.. more than 20 of thm i think! Whoooo. I bought ICoat Protector Screen. Matt one, front and back. My previous one sucks ==. I bought th Multi purpose Solution for my lenses too. My mum got herself some stationeries at Popular as well, screen protector, Moshi iphone casing and a wallet! I see her IPhone white i jealous. ); HAHAHAH. But nehmind, black is nice kay. I dont greedy, must be contented. *I TRY*. Aiyuh, my weekends just like that. Tmr school again. == Sighs. );

Ohwell, my bf got himself a Iphone 4 on Saturday~ HAHA. He is one Moshi lover as well. Okay bye.


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