Self Declare Holiday With Bby! (;

HAHAHAH! From th title, you would know i pon school today! Yes, its so unlike th past me. And this Sem onwards, thy have already change th attendance to 15/15, where every lesson daily grade would affect the Sem GPA. But hey, who cares. Got to enjoy myself. See th weather so hot recently, maybe 2012 bring forward. Got to treasure everyday of mine! So well, i went to Semb Sun Plaza to meet bby. We went to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe for breakfast! Their milk tea bitter shitz!!! Me no likeyyyy. Me like pi dan (Century Eggg) Best egg! HAHAH. Is it duck egg? O.o After that headed down to Bishan and bought tics for Thor. Walked arnd before th movie starts~ Th movie was quite good!!! Rating: 4.smth/5! HAHAHA. Go catch it guys (for those that have not)! Headed down to Marymount for dinner. Slacked and home. Bby intro me quite a few games!!! Woohoooo~ ♥

Tmr school again. ); Hope i can pon every single day of school! :< Time past so fast whn im a happy kid. SOBSSS.


7 thoughts on “Self Declare Holiday With Bby! (;

  1. You dont even know how to spell hong kong…. loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! You always got typo one! wear ur stupid green glasses lah -_-

  2. HAHAHAHAH STOP IT! You wouldnt want to try! Teh Peng with Fly. OI. Say i typo you ownself also typo. Teh peng became teh ping. ==

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