Lesson from 8-12 today. UNLUCKY DAY! I overslept by more than an hour folks! RUSHED all th way. From bathing to preparing to rushing for bus to rushing for train to rushing for school. EVERYTHING!!! So whats so unlucky?

1. Woke Up Late
2. Miss 2 Buses!
3. Rain While Walking To School.

Sighs. And my block (W6) is so freaking far away! Ohwell. I managed to be 5 mins late. But th faci mark me present! HENG HOR ^^ Yay. If only th bus are not so pack that we cant board! I wouldnt be late leh. Like no need tyco wait for faci mark present. == But nehmind, present can liao. LOL!!! If not… i bai chiong! So went to bby’s house after school. Slacked and jailbreak our phone! Omg!!! DAMN NICE NOW. Can change font, can download themes, can download games that people have to pay. WAHHH. SHIOK I TELL YOU! Was so afraid it will spoil my phone. But hey, my bf is a pro. He help me to jailbreak successfully! HAHAHAHA. Headed down to Marymount for dinner. Unfortunately, something unlucky happened again… We had prawn noodle.. and teh peng. One of th cup got fly. == Bby went to change, th second cup come back another fly. And th person even cover th cup! But bby check and realise still got one fly. !@#$%^&*( hais.. mine dont have. but bby ask me dont drink cause maybe is the container thy poured have flies!!! But i too thirsty, i drink more than half cup! Jitao a stomachache in th end. ); SOBS. And last Friday i had stomachache too! And i also had teh peng for dinner at Marymount! So cannot be th food!!! Cause both occasion, i had different food except for th same drink! And for th whole day im fine!!! I wasnt feeling unwell or whatsover. ); But th teh peng really nice leh. ); HAIS WASTED!!! But well, doesnt matter. BEST TEH PENG IS AT IMM! Whoooo.


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