Met WJ at Dhoby Ghaut in th noon. Headed to buy tics at Cathay. Wanted to watch Th Hangover 2. BUT WTH? Its M18. Sighs. And i cant watch!!! ): Th counter say will only allow one day allowance, meaning one day bfr my birthday to watch a M18 show. == So, decided to watch Kungfu Panda instead. WTH cartoon == Dont like siah~ LOL!!!! The earliest time slot have only front 2 rows seats. == Watch liao can blind one. LOL! So decided to catch th second timeslot available. Went to a Ri Ben Chun (Japanese Rest) for lunch. And true enough, i dont like it! I sit there drink my lemon tea. See/ hear people laughing, dk for what. Ofcourse thy think th panda is funny thats why thy laugh i know. == But to me, not funny at all. I didnt even smile! Holly! Next time, dont ask me watch cartoon uh!!! #$%^&*( Headed to Timbre after that. Ordered beer, buffalo wings and wedges. Th buffalo wings not nice liao. T.T Or maybe is my standard go higher?!?:!?! AHHAHAHA. Well, no more cravings for it~



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