So how peeps! (; Its been a long time since i last blog huh~ So well. Holidays are ending. ); Went to my blog and realised that i had a recent post saying its th holidays. And soon, which is tmr, i will blog that school holidays are ending!!! JI KUAI LIANG XIA. == Abit sian leh.

1. Haven study for UT
2. Haven complete OOP Assignment
3. Haven complete Logistics Assignment
4. Haven complete PP

See liao also no mood. );

Well, i decided to post because…. MY WHOLE FAMILY WILL BE GOING GENTING TMR. Aha! And im being a good girl to stay at home since i have school on Monday~ ‘KUAI BU KUAI?’  ‘KUAI’. So yupp. Heh. Alone at home leh. Solo. :O Like abit scary leh. :O Shall blog about it th next few days, when im oficially at home alone!


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