Nose Job~


Hi readers~ So KHJ admits that he have done a nose job~ whoo o.o, like cool ley. I like th fact that he admit. (; But the way he respond was so cute. HAHA.

Kim Hyun Joong recently came clean in terms of plastic surgery.

On the June 8th episode of “Knee-Drop Guru“, Kim Hyun Joong was the main featured guest on the show and revealed with concern, “I feel like everything I am is only hype”, and showed his 4-dimensional appeal.

The ‘walking sculpture’ pretty boy artist, Kim Hyun Joong, kicked off the program, answering “I can tell you everything” to Kang Ho Dong’s question, “Will you answer all of my questions?”.

Kang Ho Dong went to a sensitive topic, asking, “Is the ‘walking sculpture’ a work of God, or is it actually the work of a doctor?”

To the question, Kim Hyun Joong confessed honestly and confidently that “It’s both God-given and touched by a doctor,” shocking the MC’s.

Kim Hyun Joong explained, “I hurt my nose by getting hit by a rock. I hurt it while watching my neighborhood hyungs break a radio with rocks– I later got a bit of treatment on my nose and raised it a bit in the process”, which brought laughter to the studio.

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