Me Myself I And You.

HAHA hi again~ So perhaps some of you do realise some of my posts i write backwards. Whereby i make new posts but of a earlier date. Main reason was because im too busy to update. So i update all at one shot on th a particular day. (; So yupp, 4 papers down and 1 more left. JAVA UT WAS HORRIBLE. T.T Gonna score badly~ Boohoo. ); FUGGIN TOUGH, plus no time. Damn~~~ Whats worsts is no moderation. Which idiot remove it huh? Want us fail is it?! Pfft. Okay not trying to pull everyone else down with me. But serious shitz. You can have a just pass score and get A/B in th past. Now a just past, can get D liao lo. Zzz ); Please bring it back~!!! Database paper was alright. Whats next is Data Comm. Lets hope have enough time, cause need some thinking one~ (; KAMPATEHH to me and bby and everyone else.


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