Hi people. So its my bby’s 20th birthday today. My lesson ended at 12, and bby partial-ed. Cabbed to his house, slack and headed to Novena for lunch at Sakae. Whoop. Since so long since we went Sakae. Still remembered th times where we like addict keep spam sushi until i scared. T.T Decided to head to Sim Lim Square to look for some of bby’s needs & wants. (Mouse and mousepad)!! Mission failed. HAHA. Never once i step into Sim Lim is happy one leh! Boring shitz. Cant imagine if i need work there, really is can die. ); Headed to Bugis Junction, and bby bought me one laptop casing!! ^^ One for him and one for me~ Whee. Muaks. Thank you bby. Bus-ed down to Funan IT Mall and bought many stuffs at challenger!! Bby bought a Microsoft wireless mouse (MY INTRO K), mousepad and another mouse(his sis). We bought a earpiece too!! Whooo same one! Different colour. SHIOK!!!! Really is happy. ^^ Ahhhh. Not my birthday but i like happy only. LOL! Since so long since i went out with bby! After that trained down to Bedok, slacked and bby bus home~. Whee ooo weep.


*Anw, i got more evidence to support my claim that i turned popular overnight. Check this out:



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