Hi people! I have a new look for my blog!! How is it? (;
Me likeyy… for now! ^^
Nothing much to blog about this days~

Today marks th last day of my most slack module! ); Kind of sad. Best faci anyone can have..
Let me give a recap on how great this faci is.
1. NEVER MARK STUDENT LATE. Lesson may start at 9.15, but you come in 11 plus, he also close two eyes mark a present. PRESENT!
2. FULLY HELP/ GUIDE US ALONG TO DO WORKSHEET AND SOLVE PROBLEM STATEMENT. Never once he leave us alone to do ourself!
3. RELEASE EARLY! Every lesson for 15 weeks ends around 3!!!! When its supposed to end at 4..
4. RJ etc. EXTENDED TILL 9am ON FOLLOWING DAY! When it supposed to end at 1159 on th actual day..
5.  JOKE AROUND!! He makes his lesson fun and happy!!! WOOHOO.
Forgotten if still have somemore… but he is just that good. Gonna miss his lesson. T.T

So, TMR IS A PUBLIC HOLIDAY! WOOHOO. Perhaps i should start on my PP poster? ); Shag. Ohwell..


Love love love love love love, you. 


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