Just got to endure for a little more..

So yes. I have a good news and bad news.

Yes, and im proud to say my bby accompanied me early in th morn to school!!!! 9am in school during a holiday aint a joke!!! But we made it! Thank you thank you! ^_^ So nothing much to say about it, im just glad im done with it. Next is bby’s turn~~ Which is after th UTs. Also got to thank my mum for sending my PP for printing. {:

Bad news: UTs are starting from Monday to Friday!
And i haven done any revision. Yes, its already Saturday today. Soon to be noon. No time man. But dont worry, im make it this way or another. Just wish me luckiee. ^^

Got many random stuffs to post~ but shall do it once im done with my revisions! Stay tune!!! :D


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