Hi timecheck: 11:08 pm. And yes. Im going to have my last UT paper tmr; Manufacturing and Logistics . And i have yet to study/revise on it. So you may wonder why am i not panicking or worried?

1. Is it because i pay attention in class? No.
2. Is it because im smart? No.
3. Is it because i think i can make it? No.
4. Is it because im lazy? Well abit.
5. Is it because i dont know how to? YES.
I have no idea where and how to start. I open up th 6P and realise i dont know ANYTHING! I dont recall a thing, didnt even recall faci going through it. I dont know how. I didnt do well for my past 2 UTs for this module. DG soso.

So why is this module so hard for me? Firstly, they have pretty much theory. Which i dont mind, since our UT is open book. But. They test on your understanding of the theory by applying it. Damn… IDK HOW. I know how it work and stuff but dont know how to apply. I just dont.

So, just maybe you think i did okay for th rest of my modules? No. Sighs. BIG ONE. I seem to be VERY CARELESS for all 4 modules. And i mean ALL. I either read wrongly or misunderstood. I dont know what on earth im doing but yah ); I dont wanna talk about it since its all over, but i just cant help but to think about it once in awhile.


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