Yesterday went for class chalet. Had a long long cycle. OMG! *luckily i didnt fell down~* 13 of us, we rented 3 double bikes and 7 single bikes! We rented th bike at 7, we cycled all th way to Changi Village! Reached thr at 9.30pm, cause we went round and round Pasir Ris, dont know th route! So had our dinner and off we went back! Reached th chalet at 12???? Shag ttm!!! HAHAHAH. Had fun cycling though ^_^ Took a shower and went to meet my bby to ton~ Bought many stuffs at eHub Cheers and slacked at the BBQ pit thr! Tired and shag ttm ); Even whn bby is also very tired, he still came all th way to pei me! OMG! Head back early in th morn around 5 plus 6! Went to bed after a bath! And im currently waiting for bby to wake up!!! >< So long!!!! HAHAHHA





Woah, look at my picture! After 2.5 hrs of cycling siah! How come my hair and make up look so normal! WAHSEH!!!!!! Cool~~

Btw, i was wondering how would handsome guys look like whn thy are old!!! HAHAHA! Really wonder how thy look like! But i think a handsome old guy would look smth like this…..


Michael Miu Kiu Wai 苗僑偉

And as i was searching for their pictures… i found a photo of th two of them together! OMG so qiao!!! But i think Andy lau is th best! He is like one of the top woman most wanted guy list!


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