A long day today.

It has been so long since i had such a long busy day! Firstly, head out with my mum to buy some stuffsss. Saw one crazy guy at th bus stop!! Damn scary..

1. He threw a cup of coffee towards th bus’s tyre. o.o
2. He was asking people for money.
3. He then threw coin on th flow.
4. He spit on his hand and clean on his pants. EEEW
5. He wanted to fight with a guy who was just walking past th bus stop!

In th end, he board th same bus as us! Heng he isnt somewhr near us! SCARY MAX.



Next, went back home for 15 mins and headed out again to a relative house of mine. It’s my grandmum’s sister’s husband’s 80th birthday! Woahhh. HAHAHAHA. Not really my type of party as there’s so many ‘strangers’. -.-

There is this particular person (my grandma’s sister) who seems to like me ALOT ALOT! HAHAHAH. Out of so many sisters my grandma has, this particular sister look alike to my grandma th most!!! O.O I went thr and she hug me.. eyy? HAHAHAH. Before she saw me, th first thing she asked my mum was if i came! HAHAHA, she must have like me alot huh! Heehee. So cute. She look so alike to my grandma );

Hershey's Kisses

Belcube cheese

I remember i used to spend alot of time with my grandma. She took care of me when i was very young, baby? Later, she came to my house often, bringing my cousin (one year younger than me) to my house to visit me. She used to buy many stuffs for me. I remember that she buys Hershey’s kisses and The Laughing Cow’s Belcube Cheese. Until later, when she was diagnosed with diabetes and had to amputate one of her leg, she could no longer come and visit me. ); But evenstill, she calls me often to check on me.. reminding me to be a good girl, and listen to my parents. She fell very sick through th years and we barely see each other everyyear. I remember her last birthday she had (70th birthday) falls on th 4th Dec 2004. She was in pain even on her birthday. She then pass away 2 days later on th 6th of Dec 2004.

Alright.. so after th party, headed home and showered. After that, went to cook popiahs!!! Shall show th cute ones that i prepared!

Mini one made by me!



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