Driving License

Heh. You read th title and think that perhaps i am getting my driving license?

But nope, i didnt! Although i have reach 18!!! But.. i think im still not mature enough. I feel that im still too childish to learn driving.. I have very immature thinking… Perhaps wait till im more mature, maybe after poly? Shall concentrate on my studies first.

Okay.. so you may be thinking, you not learning thn make this post for what! chill… th exciting part is coming.

I may not be learning, but my bby is what. LOL!!! He is gonna take his theory thingy, need go for eye check etc. Have dk what names one, btt or what thing. He tell me a few times liao i also cannot rmb. See!! I not mature enough to learn. LOL!!! Not shou yet, (not cooked)!! HAHAHA ==

So up thr, i put a steering wheel. Notice its BMW? I chose it cause… my bby’s dream car is BMW. Wish him all th best for his driving and hope he get a BMW car soon ok!! :D


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