Hi readers! I just had my lunch and im so so full! My crazy monkey went to party last night! She must be reeking of alcohol now! Unlike me, xiang xiang! L O L. I shall upload the picture of this crazy monkey’s attire last night! SO CUTE.


Alright. So yesterday, i had lunch with my family at this chinese restaurant. And.. each person was given two pairs of chopsticks. Know whats th reason?



I figure out that 1 pair is used as th common chop stick! Abit too mafan already buh? Let me show you how its gonna be like. (Yes, im gonna draw it out in paint to explain myself!)
1. Having two pairs of chopsticks. (One common, one normal)
2.  Use common chopstick to take the yummy food.
3. Use common chopstick to put down the yummy food on own plate.
4. Use normal chopstick to eat yummy food from own plate.

Ok. This is SUPER hygienic, but a little way too mafan? L O L. ok bye.


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