Shall make a blog post before i head to bed. (;
So seems like Girls Generation came out a new MV or smth? LOL.
Look at people sharing it on FB in less than an hr!
*Especially Royston! Share and like th link himself! LOLLOL~*


Well, i got smth else to share. There is this vid passing arnd in Fb as well.
Felt super disgusted after watching it. ><
There is this woman who actually used a pair of scissors to cut of her bf’s …. OMGWTF.
She took it and throw it in the sea/lake or smth. And cannot be found!
And she called 911 for him? Errr. And was happy and not regretful about it?
This is super sick, I SWEAR.
Link: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=235144126542825





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