MBS stay with my Damon Salvatore.

Hi! Im currently at MBS! In th hotel room alone! Everyone one went out except me. Woke up at 8am this morn and chiong my ‘Only You’; a HK drama. Yupp, all 29 episodes in abt a week or so! :D Now im watching VD3 Epi 7!

First part: Damon was hurt!!!! I feel so sadddd. D:
Middle part: Damon so strong!!! I feel so happy. :D HAHAHAH, he so strong! Mason Lockwood used a shovel and hit th bricks, not much damage. Damon one hit, woohoo one big whole. ME LIKEYY!
Ending part: Th way Damon apologize to people/ werewolf is SO CUTE! HAHAHA its not those typical ‘im sorry’ its ‘Sometimes, I do things I dont have to do’. SO CUTE.

Thats all for now.. imma gonna continue with my Damon Salvatore. <3


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