How Was Your Week?

Next week will be having my UTs. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). Sobs. So busy. Just started on my revision. :O

Spent my Thursday and Friday with bf.

Supposed to catch 23:59 with WJ and YJ last Wed. But YJ fell sick and couldnt make it! So ended up i catch it with my bf th next day at Bishan. Th movie was so-so, maybe cause im not gonna enter NS, cant feel much. :B But worth a watch? Since its a SG film. HAHA!

So yesterday was 11.11.11, pretty cool huh. Spent it with a #$%^&* relief faci. My class didnt like her. But i have to admit her teaching is better than my actual faci, but her attitude and faci CMI. To a large extent kind. ); Headed for some party world at Civic Centre. It has been quite some time since we been there! Bus down to Tamp and had dinnz. :B

Okay thats how i spend my last week of freedom before UT comes. Got to mug soon. But not till i finish watching my VD. Next episode of VD will only be out 2 mths later. T.T VERY VERY SAD.


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