how are you?

Hihi! How’s this font? Heehee. So im done with 4UTs!! So proud of myself!! :D However.. each paper gets a lil harder thn th previous one! And th last paper (Operations System) on Friday definetly killed me. D: I didnt even have enough time to complete it ey. Th rest i still got like arnd 15 mins to check? But okay. Shall not rant on it further. Headed to Woodlands stn with Cheryl and Zin. Trained back to find my mum. Was at Paya Lebar Greenline whn i saw Daryl(current sem classmate) in th same cabin as me. o,o we were like both shock? We were heading back on th same route but didnt saw each other all th way! HAHA. Was on th phone all th with bby though, frm Red line to Circle line to Green line. <3

Gonna have a mini celebration next Tues at Adminralty Park for Zin’s birthday! Long time since i met th rest of th class too. (; 

Okay, so back to this current class. Hmm. Still okay, but as usual, im not th bonding type. Which means… HAHAHAH >< Idk why but im just not sociable. Im pretty sure my classmates are nice. HAHA ohwell. Maybe its th usual me! );

So.. im done with my sch life. What about my bf? Pon school for like upteen times alr. He have used up all of his LOA! Took 2 MC. Th days that he pon is more than th days he went school can! 4 lessons every week. Absent for like.. 14 times if im not wrong. Come also late for 1-2 hrs. *SHAKES HEAD*. 

So.. its currently raining very heavily here. And my bf is busy having his driving prac. I wonder how is he doing. Hope its not raining at Woodlands cause its gonna be hard to drive ); But im sure you can do it! :D Next Thursday marks our 11mth tgt! o.o but… he has UT! System Scripting huh? Jiayou!!! 

Okay thats all for now. Gonna start on my Web App Phase 2 cause its due next Wed! No time at all. D; Going out tmr for my cousin’s 1 mth old celebration near Parkway!

Recently so exhausted. So many things to do. ); Look at my eyebags!!! noooo… 


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