A new month begins.

Hi readers. First day of December today. How was yours? Mine? SUCK TOTALLY. ); Its my evaluation day. But I only can do 1 out of 3 questions. 30 mins do 3 questions, not some easy job leh bro. Plus, the one I can do is like just change variable name -_- which is equally to nothing? Sighs. Bad omen to start off my December seriously. I heard from my classmate this faci is super strict and stingy in giving marks! One of my classmate was in her Java class last Sem and she gave him like 6/25 marks. Like omg? Not even half of the passing mark. Like ARE YOU KIDDIN OR WHAD? HOLY. God bless me.

Ok. So this just ends off my 1st day of December. One word? BAD. Two words? DAMN BAD. Three words? DAMN FKING BAD. SIGHHHHHHHS Sobbbbbs. Didn’t join my classmates for bowling session at Marina Square! The usual anti-social me! >< Ommmm.

So idk? The year 2011 is ending soon. Not a good year for me. Not gonna be I guess (since there is still like 1 mth or so left). Don’t look forward to 2012 either. Don’t look forward to any tmr as well. Lol, okay bye.


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