My mum is going Japan!

Hi peeps! My mum is going for a long Japan trip this coming Tues. 2 weeks man! T.T Super long. Will be back after Christmas! Feel a lil bias here cause i didnt blog about my dad! He went China for 2 weeks as well. And is back alr, for a few days now. HAHA.

Okay so back to my mum. It is actually her office trip (4 days). But well, she decided to extend it with her friend, for another 1 week plus. Th places her office gonna bring them is kinda ulu >< so not much shopping. Ahhhhh, how much i wish i can join them ! FOR TH SHOPPING.

Oh yes. I think i needa go on a diet soon ); Feeling all th fats already ); Shall have fruits for my break tmr! And i shall make th effort to bring plain water to school! I need some pretty sexy skinny chio models to motivate me. So this shall be it:


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