My Review On RockMelt.

Okay. Wondering whats this RockMelt thing about? So this is th overview:

And this is my review!

* Opens browser *

As you can see, it looks almost th same like Google Chrome, except its more “sociable”. With all th twitter, facebook etc. “buttons” at th side. You can even have facebook chat instantly, anytime! Im not one who uses facebook chat so i dont know how much convenience this will bring to those who use it though. Okay, so th left pannel is pretty cool. Save quite alot of time.

* Clicks on Twitter *

So, this is how it will look like. It doesnt bring you to th Twitter page but opens a new “tab”! This save tabs space isnt it. Cause im one of those who opens thousands of tabs at one go! (Scroll below to know what im referring to!)

* Clicks on Facebook*

So yes, all th news feed right here. Not bad huh.

* Clicks on “View Later” *

So you can like put links under th “View Later” tab so you wouldnt miss them out!

You can even update status with just one click, be it on Facebook or Twitter etc. Convenience?

SO YES, give it a try if you wanna get a new browser. For me, its just a sociable version of Google Chrome. :D


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