How did you spend your Christmas Eve/ Christmas?

Im officially tgt with my bf for 1 year on christmas eve! :D So we headed to MANY places. HEEHEE. Went to meet bby at Tamp to make my DBS debit card! He decided to get one as well. Know why DBS and not POSB? Heh. Cause i think th card is more cool. *Not as cool as me though, SMIRKS*

Image vs. Image

And my current one is like:

Okay, so after this we headed to Bugis for lunch! And had th best handmade lemon juice i’ve ever drink in Singapore! :D  Wanna know where? HAHAHA. :B Took 2 sets of neoprints!!! :D Me likey. So next, we headed down to Dhoby Ghaut (For idk why, i think we wanna see th movie timing at Cathay) and walked down to Orchard. Headed down to Harbourfront! HAHAH. Th place that we went last year for Christmas! o.o HAHA, anw we wanted to take th bench thing (Sentosa Skyride).
But ohwell, gave it a miss cause its raining. ); December season yknow. ); So we had this pork noodle (Ba Chor Mee) at Harbourfront Centre.
Image (this isnt th actual photo ><)
HAHAHAH, so bby said it didnt taste nice so we left. Waste food! But yeah. LOL! Next, we headed down to Bishan! Played some arcade! Whoops. Bby wanted to watch movie! But idw!!! HAHA, i win. :B Anw, had dinner (round 2) LOL!!! Wanted to have Pontian/ Prawn Noodle, but closed alr. D: So we had some rice. I have my eggggggggy (steam egg) Image ( I LIKE IT (Y))

Heh. so yes headed home after afterthat!

This holiday very rare! Cause i stayed at home OHSOOFTEN! Hardly leave th hse! Stay at home chiong drama and iPhone games. Ohhhhh. Okay bye!


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