A short post before my holiday officially ends. );

Yes. Its very sad. ); Havent had enough! Cant imagine having to travel that long journey to and fro school again for th next 5 weeks. ); Shall look forward to th end of th Semester! ^^ So basically for th previous 2 weeks, i did nth much. Camped at home for most of th days. Including last day of 2011. HAHAHA. Ohwell. And for some reason, after i got my debit card, i cant stop buying things online! Just bought some items 10 minutes ago! Geez. Big hole in my pocket even before school starts? HAHAHA.

I didnt something meaningful today. Which is… pack my room! I threw away LOTS of stuff. More than i could imagine! I kept all those stacks of sec school ws, notes and everything! OMG. Ended up with 6 bags full of rubbish!!! My room look much neater BUT still in a mess. Ohgawd. == Im a messy girl ); But ok… shall continue packing it soon enough. :D

Imagine th coming holiday and i’ll go:

Have fun studying people! :D And for those who have yet to start school, enjoy your holidays!


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