My first FAKE MC.

HI! So yes, got myself a MC for today. Reason being there is UT! So i need a MC to cover today! ); Wasted 3 hrs of my day just for it. Super pack. I wonder why does th Polyclinic have so many people everyday. Like so many polyclinics in Singapore, all also like that pack. Really is not enough Polyclinics! And there are too many private clinics! Ulu places also can have. I wonder how do they survive?

Anw, one funny incident happened while i was waiting for th pharmacy section just now. One small kid (male) and one small kid (female), both Malays, were standing next to each other. Th girl was holding her mum’s hand. And th boy was from another family lah. And then th girl was like looking at th boy, so… he decided to give his fist to th girl’s face. LOL!! WTH. Im not sure if got touch her face cause she did move her head backwards. After that, he ran away, but th girl was STARING at him! HAHAHAHHA. So funny sia th face. Thn after that, th boy went near her, and she went to hide behind her mum, shouting “NO!” and telling her mum th boy beat him. HAHAH, so funny. So small only th 2 children.

And th reason to why i skipped school today was because… Im kind of not ready for th UT. And im too tired to go on. So i decided to give it a miss. Assignment yet to be done. And its due tonight 1159. No time no time. And phase 2 of th assignment due next week? Seriously. This RP need do some self-reflection leh. Not as if we’re having holidays. School days and have to do all these. And some of the things are not even taught? Faci told us to go Internet research. == And whats more, my faci wants more than what was stated? Damn… Idk is she thinking too highly of us. OR WHAT. Hais. Anw, imma gonna start soon. Wish me luckk!

My bby’s gonna have his OS UT later on! He will have to make a trip down to school even though he got no lessons today! XIN KU TA LE ); He skipped th previous UT for this module. So this UT is very impt for him!!! Hope he do well! (; Miss him, xoxo. See you tmr :D
P.S: He is a MC pro, so he taught me what to say to th doc. HAHAH!


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