Hi! So my bf has yet to do his CNY shopping. Thus, we decided to get it done today! (Shoes, top, bottom and wallet)! So… we decided to meet at Somerset at 2pm!! :D We first went to The Denim Store at Mandarin Gallery. Bby wanna get a Cheap Monday jeans. However, its too pack!! So we thought of going back later. After that, we went to alot of places!!! So i cant really remember th order. Bby couldnt decide on what show to buy. ); But i couldnt help him.. cause im a very indecisive person. ); Okay.. so in th end, all he got was a Braun Buffel wallet. );

Boyfffie treated me to dinner today at Bao Today (Bao Jin Tian) at Somerset. SUPER lousy service. I mean okay, short of staff etc. but not an excuse ley. Have staff to clear the table to get more passengers, no staff to take orders? Abit diao.. Waited for like super long to get our orders! Food came pretty fast though! But nah, not really a good place. We were like sitting in th inside, also can kena rain. Food so-so. So overall, i dont like that place. This was my second trip though. First trip was with bby and Ricky @ Marina Square.

Spent 9 hours at Orchard area. But couldnt get what he wanted. ); No time… T.T Sighs… He will most probably make another trip down himself tmr. boohoo.

Anw, just a pic of his wallet:


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