A Friday Out!

So yes. I enjoy going out on th Fridays. :D Just th fact that RJs have to be extended. Like what? Its a Friday and faci dont extend RJ. == Feel so… hais. Especially this module of mine, MIS~ Th RJs need do research one!!! How to not extend. Who will go home so early to complete it ); 

But anw, went to Semb. after school with bf and wanted to eat some PRAWN MEE. BUT #$%^&*, sold out. ); LIKE WHAT? Its barely 5pm and its sold out? Business good liao lah! Hais ); Like all th way there, for NOTHING. So, decided to eat Bar Chor Mee. T~T 

After that, decided to catch a movie, cause we havent catch one for like a SUPER long time. I think its more than a month ); Im not really a movie fan, but my bby likes it! I only like if its horror films! Im quite crazy i know. But yeah. Deciding between a few movies and in th end when we were at Bishan, he decided to catch…. The Viral Factor. 

So yes. ITS ZHOU JIE LUN. I bet all of his fans would be like crazy and go watch it. Nice show!!! Lots of shooting at th beginning. But ohman, you just got to catch it. 5/5!! :D So, its a PG13 Violence show and i actually cried twice?? HAHAHAHA. But anw, you got to watch to know why! 

After that, he accompanied me back to Bedok! Wheee. Great bf i got here. Jealous? :D BETTER BE okay!



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