I bored, I blog.

As my title says! Im very bored! Lesson ended at 12 today!!!! After lesson, we had Lou Hei! With one of my fav faci (Austin Chong) cause he’s very funny. He looks like some toy. Ok, whoever who looks cute i say they look like toy. So if i EVER say you look like one, better be proud. So Lou Hei session was kind of funny. We sort of idk what is it called. Wish? Hope? Ok. So we wanted faci to find a wife soon! HAHAHA. Entertaining.

After lou hei, i went to have my lunch @ TRCC with my best bf! I had like cream sauce spaghetti! I know its fattening, but ); So i headed home after that! Took a nap on th 168. Alight at Tamp. and my butt hurts!!!! T.T

Ohya, and before all this. Today’s lesson starts at 8! And i woke up like 5:45 HOLY! Thats th time i wake up for my 9:15 lesson?!??! I was supposed to wake up at 4:30 please. Damn! Rushed and left th house at 6:30! Reached Woodlands at 7:35!!! Dont ask me why i so fast, i walked super fast! So Daryl saw me at Circle Line, AHAHAH he thought he’ll be late too! So since we aint late, we met th rest at th MRT and took 902 to school! Vroom.

Okay, so i said like for a long time i want to bring my laptop for service. But after i did so many customized stuff, i feel abit she bu de to do so! Like i have to reinstall everything? Damnn.. take quite alot of time one leh. ); Sobs. So should i or should i not? BAHHHHH T~T

Anw, i am so damn bored this few days. That.. i watched all th episodes (86 i think) of Chick vs Dick in a few days. And spent th last 2 hours watching 40 episodes of Xiaxue’s Guide to Life. HAHAH. My life got to be more interesting!

P.S: Austin said i was very quiet today. Emo day for me. What?? Totally not please!!! LOL


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