Town with Le Xin and Charlene

My evaluation today! Was able to complete most of th questions! (Y). Did much better compared to th previous assignment evaluation. Happy with my performance today (;

After evaluation, went to meet my bf for break! Heh heh. Went to search for a corner in school to watch Guide to Life while waiting for th 3rd session people to be done with their evaluation for out class outing!

It was supposed to be a class outing at Bedok 85 for dinner! However, last minute changes and many decided not to go. So well, th three of us headed to town! Long ride from Woodlands to Somerset. But, we were laughing non stop!!!!! Charlene and Lexin even help me pluck out my strand of white hair! Getting old alr! T~T sighs. So with continuous laughter, we decided to head to Cine for our dinner at Seoul Garden Hotpot! After that, we went to shop around before heading home! (;

Day well spent! ^^ Yay.

Lastly, got this postcard in RP! (; Find it cute so i brought it home with me ! Goes to my bf and all my lovely readers <3


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