Another Friday Outing! (;

Out on Friday as usual. (; Headed down to Bishan for movie with boyfriend!!! Had Prawn Noodles since we are still too early for th movie. Decided to watch Chronicle! I think th movie is abit weird. LOL!

Spoilers section: Why would th 3 friends have nosebleed if one of them are in trouble? But when one of them dies, nothing happens to their friends? Hmmm. Shouldnt they die tgt? LOL. And why is one more powerful thn th rest?

Anw, i spotted a cute/ handsome dude in th show whom appears for like maybe 1 sec? AHHAHA, i know i should be focusing on th 3 male leads but… HAHAHA!

HAHAHAHHA, or maybe. Im just too slow for th show. After that, decided to train down to Bedok. And we had a tour a tour at Bedok! LOL!!!! But decided to head home around 10 plus cause both of us have yet to do our RJ. ): How sad can a Friday be with RJ ):

xoxo, readers!


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