Yummy Dinner at Cousin’s House.

Okay, so it meant to be a reunion dinner for th last day of Chinese New Year (Which is tmr), but it had been moved forward cause i cant make it tmr, as i will be heading out with my classmates. HAHAH, da pai siah me! LOL.

Anw, lots of food. :D And my fav salmon!! (; YAY, but sinful dinner. Got home, took a shower and just done with my mask. Im always very lazy to put on mask, but my skin condition just gave me a smack on th head, telling me “If you dont put, i will give you some shitty ugly pimples!”. AHAHAH

So, im left with 3 more days of school, and 1 week of holidays before UT3!!! ); Yet to start on any revision, so shall start during th hols. Kind of excited for my hols cause im super tired. ); Lazy to travel so far every single week day cause its totally draining me out! ): Boohoo.

Anw, a picture of me, Kelsey and Charlene to end off this post. :D



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