Tampines Round Market & Food Centre

So, its th 2nd last day of school and its SAD lesson! Choose your own group, for class assignment, 2 members maximum 3. So.. i teamed with Cheryl and Kelsey. (; Lovely. HAHA. Day ended quite early with a Hello Panda from faci. *loves*

So, after school, met my boy and we cabbed down to his house. Headed out to Tampines and we decided to visit Tampines Round Market & Food Centre. Halfway in th bus, then i recalled that Kelsey once told me that they are opened form Morning – Afternoon. So which means, its already closed!!! But bby decided to just give it a try. So we alighted from 168 and walked thr. Sad to say, yes all stalls are closed. Except for one, which is like… steamboat? );

So we ended up eating at one coffee shop and i had Fishball noodles! HAHA. Decided to walk down to Tampines MRT instead of taking a bus. Healthy eh? HAHA. So… we walked around th malls, arcade and headed home. Poor bby had to take th long trip bus ride back. T.T


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